Amazing Martial Artist, Champion Fighters, and Security to the stars.

When it comes to Martial Arts Jason Heit is an expert and he has done it all. Jason’s training started when he was 14 years old and quickly led to winning his first competition in 1990 at the age of 17. Moving into Boxing he quickly rose through the ranks of amateur boxing in Canada. Among many accomplishments he has won a Diamond belt and the BC Provincial light-heavyweight title. He has trained under many people, most notably Royce Gracie leading him to compete and win the first ever sanctioned MMA bout in Canada.

Jason took a hiatus from competing to further his security career by moving in to the area of ‘close protection’  and worked for many famous stars including Drew Barrymore, Robbie Williams and Nicholas Cage to name a few. Now Jason resides and owns a gym in Victoria BC. With a fight record of 42 wins (34 by KO), 5 losses we are sure he is an amazing instructor!

While Jason was in studio we asked him to show us some moves. In order to demonstrate techniques he brought students from his gym Island MMA. Kiana and Zena Shew are 14 and 11 year old sisters. They have both been training since they were 3 years old and hold Jr World Champion titles as well as a multitude of black and brown belts in different disciplines. They compete and win competitions internationally. They have represented Canada the Pan-Am games just like their coach as well as the World Martial Arts Games. We found their skills inspiring and hope you enjoy Episode 1 of Verse.